Thursday, January 24, 2008

Starting prep for GMAT

My intention is to do it thoroughly, since time is not a problem. You can give any advice and suggestion. They are always welcome.  This will be specifically useful to me since i am new to preparation. The idea is that finally i would be able to have an example in front of you, so that anyone in the future can pick up and implement the bits of information that i have here. I know, this is quite a challenging task, requiring utmost dedication towards the target and tremendous belief and self confidence. Accordingly, I've decided to work. Looking forward towards muh preparation.


Two years to first get the devil, Then a month to tame the beast, Then lay it down, Rip out its legs, Then its horns, Smash its skull, Finally when it's totally helpless, Gouge its eyes out and pull out a 750 plus - I'm BLOOD THIRSTY AS HELL..... Just wait and watch.. HERE COMES NIK... thats me.. 

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Anonymous said...

Abbe KUSTI karega tho padega kab ???