Friday, March 21, 2008

My roots : i am confused. 


Is the answer i am still searching for.

Do i really need you?

or is it the search for the unknown.

i want to speak out,

but to someone who could make a difference.

can i see you somewhere?

than why is it that i see you everywhere.

the feeling of being with you is still alive in me.

i'm almost a martyr of love.

i don't see a future that belongs to us together.

but i still dream of one.

people say they come and go.

so did you.

but they never told me that you would go forever.

then why did you?

i belong to where we began because i found you there.

but you ran away from all that was us.

i thought to solve the mystery.

but how can i solve,

because you met me when we began.

you are my roots and roots are not to be shared.

they are to be preserved.

to be taken care of all through the life.

because roots are not to be explored.

because they define you as you did me......

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