Thursday, September 18, 2008

Satti and the Dog

Once upon a time in a small room of a vast city bangalore, there lived two fellows : satti and niksi. Both used to be so so intelligent because of the following reasons:
1) both were master of technology (biiiig deal)
2) both were in IBM (d biiiiiiiiiiiig blue)
3) best of all, both were boys (boys are "d" best)

So, i am going to describe one small incident which happened to them last night.
satti and niksi will go to andhra mess to have their supper every night. For satti (who is an andhra guy) its a feast, for niksi (who is not a south indian) its a way to fight hunger. So crux of the matter is they have to cross a loooooooooooong lane from their small room to reach the biiiiig outer ring road, crossing which they reach their destination.

This happened while they were crossing this lane. The time was after dusk around 7.30. The very instant, satti and niksi entered the lane, don't know from where a huuge (kind of) doggy came. He started moving along with satti and niksi. Both thought that doggy's pace is similar to their's and thats the reason he is moving along. And when time will come, he will move on to his path. But doggy had different things on his mind.

Thing is that, our satti is kind of slow, plummy, golu polu, cute. So any good doggy just by looking to satti will fall in love with him. Similar thing happens to our doggy here. He saw satti, he fell in love with him. And for this eternal love, he was moving along with a firm determination that whatever may come, he will never leave satti.

It was a scene worth imagining. Two people and a dog. Going. Going. Going. With different things in mind.

But after a minute or two, satti felt that doggy is coming with him only.

Satti: Doggy
Doggy: Satti
Satti: Eh
Doggy: What
Satti: Go
Doggy: No
Satti: Why
Doggy: I love you
Satti: (No words, just a shocked face)

Actually he was taken aback. No body said "I love you" to him ever with so much love in the eyes. But still, he thought firmly to get rid of the dog. He was thinking foul of the dog. But see his face, and you will not see a sign of any thing negative. It was all filled with love, love and nothing else. This is where the dog failed. He saw satti and he saw love and he thought love and he got over confident.

He took satti for granted. He thought satti will never leave him. And he started moving fast and ahead of satti and niksi, leading the way for his master and clearing the path of other not so important kids, people and doggies.

Satti catches niksi's hand and stops. Niksi with a blank look, What?
Satti: Wait
Niksi: for what
Satti: that doggy
niksi: which, what doggy
satti: that doggy you fool, where is your mind. that doggy is following us.
niksi: oh my god, is it, i never thought. now what
satti: just wait, i have a working plan.

Coming to the climax. What happens is a man, with build similar to satti passes satti and niksi and gradually reaches to the dog. Dog is too busy clearing the path for his master to see this switch. He starts moving along with that man thinking him as satti (his beloved).

Satti takes advantage of this moment and switches the lane using a cross lane in between. CRUEL CRUEL SATTI. Noooooooooooo feelings for the poor dog. No second thoughts. Niksi hates satti.

Finally, they come to the great outer ring road. And while crossing niksi gives a stare behind. And what he looks at is heart breaking. At the edge of the lane he sees a dog, wretched, tired, heart ached, poor.. with tears in eyes... looking with a look of "WHY ME?" towards satti. He never in his dreams thought that satti will leave him like this...

But thats how life is... you can not expect love from everyone you love.....

Niksi feels, only if that dog would had loved him instead of satti, things would had been different...

Ah... falling in love... gravitation is not responsible..

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satwika said...

chaaaaaaaaaaa..tho doggy love story khatam hogaya!!cme on satti how brutal n insignificant of u to play wid dat creatures heart....La belle dude sans mercy!!!ehhe