Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Writing after a gap of several months....

Went through some serious argument about existence of God and its meaning. Here's the thing (plain words: person 1, Bold Italics: person 2)

Whenever we face problems, we come out of it and we feel we did it with our own efforts because we cannot see God helping us.

Because it is actually we who are coming out. Nobody is helping us.

So it doesn't mean he is not there. Just think, can you make some one think.....

Yes, I can make some one to think. I made you think.

Do you know how thinking process happens?

Thinking process happens when we have some thing to think. Its ENTIRELY dependent on the environment around you. Nobody controls it.

Can you predict when a human being can die?

We can not predict when a human being can die. But then it is not fair that for something which we can not predict, we think that God is doing it. Because in that case all the animals, birds, insects, plants, fishes should be believing in god and praying. But have you seen any? No.

Why is that you have to born in Gujarat?

I was born in the state of Orissa. And it does not matter where I was born. Its entirely dependent on the physical location of the mother at the time of birth. And who decides where mother will be while giving birth - I don't think God, its again the environment around her. In India, its tradition that mother will give birth in her father's home.

These things are out of our control.

So things are out of control - correct. But they are not controlled by God ALSO.

A life is given.That's our playground. There, God won't interrupt. He may help u but then thats it. He guides you but that too only if you wish.

This is the point. God is there if you believe, if you wish. But if you don't - it does not matter. God is there - why not its punishing the talibanis, the US who is bossing the world, or in that matter all the human beings who kill poor chickens, lambs, goats for their hunger. Is it so that humans are dear to god and other animals who share the world do not have right to live. Why is cow GOD for us and a dish for the United States and rest of the world.

There are certain things that has to be done individually.. and there we have to experience and learn or/and learn and experience.

Experience - Right, Learn - Right -- But it involves you and only you. No GOD

Humans want everything to be physically proven. Whatever confusions they may have but the belief in God is intact.

Heart says so because the belief is still intact. Where did this belief came from? The word is BRAINWASH. From whom, from your society, from your parents. Its like you eat veg only because your parents taught you so. If your parents were non vegeterian you will be relishing on chickens and muttons right now. If your parents were Yahudis or Muslims or Christians you will be blindly following their culture. So your heart says that GOD is there because it is made to say that right from your childhood.

and i have ...though not direct.... some ways of experience.....

Again. Its the heart which is making you experience that. But that's irrelevant and not true I think.

Can you be harsh to a so kind person or a baby or something u love so much?

Yes I can. When? When that other person/baby despite my loving so much treats me like trash of life. One day I am everything for them, the other day, they don't know me.

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Bhumika said...

i thought provoking post!
was really very good!
i also feel many times @ existence of god!
keep it up!