Friday, September 26, 2008

research life

research life. (courtesy : bhondoo)

After the meeting with advisor:
Debugging your own code:
Attending a lecture:
Attending a talk suggested by your advisor:
Experiment succeeds:
Advisor on leave:
Semester ends:
Paper accepted:
Experiment fails:
Why did I choose this advisor?:
Before exam:
Failure in comprehensive exam:
Paper rejected:
Advisor praises:
Everyone else goes for a trek and you have to stay back:
7th year of PhD:
Review comments on the final report asking you to rewrite 3 chapters and add 2 new:


The Divine Worship said...

Dunno who is Balakrishna(wud i be prosecuted for that??!!!!)...but its real funny man...

The Divine Worship said...

The last one is awesome! :-)

kunni said...

Nice one n those gif images are fantastic!!!!