Friday, April 4, 2008

the great fall of niksi...


6.30 AM (bed) :

good moroooning niksi...

morning is always good ra... ye ye.. daddy coming today, daddy coming today...

i will run away early from the office today... ye ye

(plan A - early runaway from office to home dad.. ye ye ye)

9.10 AM (idrbt) :

************** orkut :)

orkut fortune : There is a "pleasant" surprise in store for you...

daddy would had brought something for me.. kya surprise.. that too "pleasant".. he he

************** orkut, sparkle :) :)

karthik : hi ra, chal sir se mil ke aate hai...

niksi : nopes, baith na re.. he will be going to temple.. ham aaram se jaate hai...

************** orkut, sparkle, songs :) :) :)

arun : arey, ye shaurya, is a good movie.. chale kya..

niksi : shaurya, jaaved jaafri lead, good movie.. ha ha ha

karthik : arre chal sir se mil ke aate hai..

niksi : wait, i have to format this paper

************** orkut, sparkle, songs, chatting :) :) :) :) (tilt, tilt !!!)

karthik : niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikkkk

niksi : yup

karthik : chal na bey...

niksi : ok, chal.. ho gaya format

************** orkut, sparkle, songs, chatting :) :) :) :) (tilt, tilt !!!)

************** orkut, sparkle, songs :) :) :) :(

************** orkut, sparkle :) :) :( :(

************** orkut :) :( :( :(

********************* :( :( :( :( (mummmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!)

10.30 AM (sir's office) :

niksi, karthik : good morning sir

sir (talking on phone, waving to seat) : kuchcho kuchcho

(some talk on something between karthik and sir, niksi was dumbly trying to understand their conversation)

karthik : ok sir, give me turkish, uk, spanish datasets

niksi (mann me bhidu) : ye ye, datasets, datasets, familiar word, familiar word, ye ye

(niksi prepares to dive into the conversation)

niksi (whispering) : ch ch, karthik, ch ch, we already have this datasets

karthik : no, we don't have, its different

niksi : waaaaat ra, wat different

sir (jumping in our whispers, niksi, karthik shocked) : its different, its different, maggi hot and sweet, its different..

niksi, karthik : ooooooooooooo my god, ye kya ho gaya sir ko, anyways, he is in a happy mood good for us....

(anyways, and the meeting goes on, first with karthik then with niksi, all serious study stuff with sir sighing about his

work pressure in between)

1.10 PM (after lunch time, time when orkut changes the fortune) :

*************** orkut, sparkle, songs, chatting :) :) :) :) (tilt, tilt !!!)

niksi (remembering something) : be yaar, i forgot arpit completely maaaan. i have to go meet him today..

arun : wat re..

niksi : where is SBI ICM

arun : pension office se sidha jaane ka, chalte jaa chalte jaa. Furniture waala dikhta.. udhar hi hai..

niksi : okie dokie

(now plan A changed to plan B, early runaway from office to meeting arpit to home daddy.. ye ye ye)

5.30 PM (time to execute plan B) :

Everyday niksi goes back two stops, so that he can catch a empty bus and can reach home seating..

today he had to get down in between, so he decides to catch bus from office itself (baaaad plan, very baaad plan)

Reasons : 1) he will not have to stand for a looooooong time as he is getting down in middle for meeting arpit

2) he will save time

3) he will save money

5.45 PM (NMDC bus stop) :

niksi, as usual sifting through the crowd, in search of don’t know wat…

suddenly he sees an empty 49 M…

but 1) its fast, driver is in no mood to stop completely

2) there is already a bus on the bus stop, giving cover fire to niksi’s empty 49 M

Pressure situation, so small time, so many decisions, niksi gets ready.. thinks quickly

1) if he misses the bus, next bus will come late and will be full with no place to seat, hardly any place to stand

2) the bus is slowing down, he can try to catch it.. seeing him running for the bus, driver may stop it…

And here he decides, decision of the day.. to board a moving bus…

niksi : common baby, you can do it.. you can catch it…

(this word from inside gives confidence to him, he runs like a king warrior towards the bus)

driver (seeing niksi coming, still not stopping.. damn it.. I hate bus drivers )

niksi : its slow only, if I can catch the window, I can give a jerk to my body and I will be into the bus… its all a game of 2 seconds


niksi : ok fine, I am getting in.. that’s it..

driver (through rear view mirror) : go on, common, board is all yours, move your move..

niksi catches the window fine, but forgets that he has to catch window on the left side of the door, but he catches the window on the right side of the door.. and here starts the game….

niksi gives a jerk to his body to get in, but stumbles, since his feet could not get hold of the door floor… down goes niksi… his hands (not knowing wat happened) are still holding the door…. niksi gets dragged for a second…

driver (already declared winner) : kyon bey sale, ho gaya, nikal gayi saari hekdi…

crowd’s eyes (having fun of tamasha) : kyon bey sale, ho gaya, nikal gayi saari hekdi…

niksi (with life fast forwarding before his eyes) : abbey sale, wo sab baad me, pehle brake maar mere baap, pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase

driver : thik hai thik hai, tu bhi kya yaad rakhega saale… hyderabadi driver..

niksi’s hand by that time knows of the situation and lets off the door…

5.48.20 PM :

NIKSI FALLS DOWN… crowd is all laughing… while falling (hai re, gaya aaj to, meri bikes, mera ghar, meri padhai, meri degree… muh twin.. ooooooooooh my goooooooood)…

5.48.25 PM :

niksi is on the road… the guy who was a king seconds before, now is on the road… he bhagwaan, kya hai teri maaya, waah, aukaat, price, kimat sab samajh me aa gayi….

niksi (gaining his senses, starts his defense)… signals to all body parts.. how are you guys

left leg : I am fine niksi

right leg : mummmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyy, bruises

left hand : I am fine niksi

right hand : uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, mummmmmmmmmy, mummy

(niksi conclude, he fell on his right side)

head : I am working niksi.. (phewwwwwwwwwwwwww, bach gaya bach gaya, I am whole, I am whole, nothing missing.. ye ye ye)….

Gets up, runs to the side shop, tries to buy water bottle, but bottle is not chilled, goes for paani pouch….

Some aunty (she was so sweet, thank you for the concern aunty… luv yaaa) : beta.. sit for 2 min..

niksi (shivering like fallen leaf) : no aunty, am fine.. to shopkeeper girl, waater…

girl gives a pouch.. he pours all of it on the right hand wound.. again buys one more pouch..

sweet aunty (thinking niksi is some poor boy), tries to buy him a bisleri bottle..

niksi : aunty (so sweet of her).. its ok aunty.. I do not need bottle…

suddenly a setwin 49 M comes (niksi never sits in a setwin, but he has to run away, he is being noticed by the crowd.. he is feeling somewhat somewhat)… so he gets into the setwin and does pheeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, wat moments maaaaan…..

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satwika said...

hmm now wats to say..i m part of dis n equally share a part.!!hehehe but moron kabhio kabhi DIMAG naam ki cheez hothi hain na usse use karna ok??betu??n YO u driver u rocked his senses back thanx..u @#$%^&*()(*&%",,,,muh jaan take care u are .....