Thursday, April 3, 2008

Saidullus jalsa theorem

To Prove : The foot is above the head. (See figure)

Proof :

Corollary 1 : The given statement is quoted by Saidullu.
Any statement quoted by Saidullu is true irrespective of the logic.
Hence given statement is true.

Corollary 2 : If we draw a line from head to foot, and another straight line from head towards leg(See figure).
We find a angle between the two lines.
We conclude that boot is above the head.

i.e. in Saidullu's word, "if we draw a line from head to boot, the foot is above the head".
Hence given statement is true.

Conclusion : Hence proved.


kartik said...

saidullu mama to rocking hai bhai..

proof dene ki zaroorat kya thi...sirf bolna tha...saidulu said and so it is ;)

Anonymous said...

Most mathematicians prove what they can, SAIDULU proves what he wants ! - Arun